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Conditions are set to protect the users of the website Royaltransfer.com and the agency. Royaltransfer.com site is owned by ROYAL TRANSFER agency. General terms and conditions are available online, by phone or via e-mail.  By using our website to book online, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the general terms of use.
1. Transfers
1.1. Transfers are made with at least one passenger from the starting point to the pre-arranged endpoint. Transfer price are agreed upon and confirmed in advance. At the point of departure your driver will wait for you with a sign on which will be written your name with the reservation number.
2. Credit card data security
2.1. All customer data is stored in secrecy and are not distributed or passed on without your permission. Royaltransfers has high European Union standards and respects your privacy. In order to keep your personal information safe we use a special system of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Data such as name, address, email address, price, credit card number and expiration date as well as other information that the client has entered are processed and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
2.2. In the case of credit card fraud from a third party, bank or credit card companies bear the risk and cover all the costs of fraud.
3. Reservation
3.1. Royaltransfers provides online service through which you can make your reservation. Reservations can also be made by telephone or a fax machine.
3.2. The person making the reservation must be older than 18 years and is responsible for given personal information while making a reservation. Minors can travel only if accompanied by an adult or with a written statement from a parent or guardian.
3.3. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your departure.
3.4. Once you have made your reservation it will be automatically confirmed and we'll send you a written confirmation by e-mail or fax machine. You will get a confirmation (voucher) on which will be your data with reservation number and the price you have paid and how much you have to pay. Also you will receive confirmation of the transfer (transfer voucher) that you will be required to give to your driver.
3.5. After the reservation has been made, the client’s credit card will be charged with 20% of the total cost, while the remaining 80% the client will pay in cash to the driver after the transfer.
3.6. The client can make the payment on our Zagrebačka bank account. Payment must be made in the full amount of the transfer price, and no later than two days before the date of transfer. During payment it is necessary to include the name and surname of the reservation holder. After the payment the customer will receive a voucher.
3.7. The client’s responsibility is to warn us if they did not receive a confirmation e-mail or fax for their reservation or if they entered the wrong data.
3.8. If your reservation is not confirmed by Royaltransfer we cannot guarantee you'll receive the requested service. We will not be held responsible for any losses or additional costs that may occur.

4. Reservation cancellations or changes
4.1. Reservation can be canceled at no cost 24 hours before the scheduled transfer. Amount paid will be refunded in full within 15 working days minus the bank charges.
4.2. You will not be charged additionally for changing the date of transfer in your reservation. Any change that involves the type of vehicle or departure and arrival points will be charged according to prices on our website. The customer is responsible for all given travel information and cannot get a refund in case the given information is wrong.
4.3 In case of canceling your reservation within 24 hours of the agreed transfer you will be charged the full amount.
4.4. Departure time from your destination is of your choosing. Our professional staff can give you advice, taking into account the current situation on the road or along the route of your transfer.
5. Compensation rights
5.1. If the cause of your delay is Royaltransfer (negligence of the driver, shortage of fuel, etc.), your loss will be recovered. In such cases Royaltransfers will provide you with another transport or alternative accommodation and ticket for your missed flight.
6. Disclaimer
6.1. In case of traffic jams,  missed flight, ships, trains, buses and other unfavorable conditions for arriving late to your destination Royaltransfers cannot be held responsible nor can you demand compensation from Royaltransfers for your financial loss.
6.2. Drivers have the right to refuse driving the client in case the client is drunk, under the influence of drugs or may endanger himself and other travelers during the transit. For such cases there is no refund. In case of damaging the vehicle client is required to pay for the damage.
6.3. Smoking is not allowed in the vehicles.
6.4. The driver is not required to stop the vehicle in areas that might endanger the health or lives of passengers (highway without stopping track).

7. Safety and vehicles equipment
7.1. All our vehicles are technically inspected and insured under the laws of Croatia.
7.2. The vehicles are chosen by the number of passengers in your reservation. All vehicles have seat belts and air conditioning.
7.3 Additional equipment:      - baby seat      - trailer   - roof rails

8. Luggage
8.1. Baggage is considered to be one large suitcase and one small handbag per person. If you have a larger amount of luggage you are required to inform us in advance. Additional baggage is not charged.
9. Changing the contract
9.1. ROAL travel agency as the sole owner of Royaltransfer.com has the right to change the rules of business from time to time and set the changed rules on the web page.
9.2. Nothing can affect the rights of the client. Agreement concluded by the time the reservation has been made is not changeable nor is the price of your transfer.
9.3. At any time we may change the way we process client’s information for better protection of client’s personal information.

10. Contact
ROAL travel agency is registered under the laws of Croatian and operates under high standards of the European Union.  The head office is located at Blažićevo b24,Rijeka,Croatia. All your suggestions and proposals will be gladly accepted for improving our service. You can send your suggestions by e-mail info@taxicroatiatransfer.com or by phone +385 95 5949236
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