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1. Can I trust Royal transfers?

Yes, we are successfully performing taxi-transfers by the highest standards. A large number of satisfied customers are the best proof of our quality.

2. Why is it better to book a taxi-transfer than taking an ordinary taxi?

Royal transfer offers service by the highest standards of the European Union. Transfer prices are guaranteed and not subject to change. We regularly offer discounts (see DISCOUNTS). No need to waste time looking for transportation, in the summer months it’s harder to find a taxi. Our drivers are familiar with your destinations and with their knowledge they can help you make your holiday more pleasant and cheaper. When booking on the web site in addition to the shown price there will be a map showing your direction and time of travel from your starting point to the destination. Other taxi drivers often charge higher fares than usual or extend your trip to earn more at your expense. 

3.  What's included in the transfer price?
The price includes the transport of passengers and baggage from the starting point to the destination. Tolls and ferries are included in the price.

4. I would like to book my transfer within 24 hours.

In this case, please call our Contact Center +385 51 292 619 and we will notify you if we can provide the transfer service.

5. Can I choose the type of vehicle?
You can choose between standard, VIP cars, mini-buses and buses.

6. How do I find my vehicle?
The driver will pick you up at the appointed place. If your starting point is the airport, railway station or the bus station the driver will wait for you at the exit with a sign on which your name and booking number will be.

7. What if my flight is delayed?

The driver will be informed about the details of your arrival and will wait for you. Waiting is not charged extra.

8. I have a lot of luggage, will there be an additional fee?

We do not charge extra luggage and the driver will help you put the luggage in the vehicle. Additional baggage must be announced in advance for choosing the appropriate vehicle.

9. What if children travel?

By law children from 2 to 12 years old can only travel accompanied by a, guardian or with a written confirmation from a parent or guardian. Children from 12 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If your transfer involves one or more child seats when booking enter this information.

10. How can I pay for my transfer?

Payment can be made with credit cards or by bank transaction to our account.

11. Can I communicate with the driver?

All our drivers speak English, and some of our drivers can speak other languages ​​(German, Italian, French, Russian).
12. Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

No, smoking is not allowed during the transportation. At your request the driver will make a short break.

13. What kind of insurance do I have during transportation?

You and your luggage are insured in case of an accident during transportation.

14. Does it cost extra for pet transport?

There is no additional charge for transporting your pet but it must be placed in your pet transporting box.

15. Can I rent a vehicle from Royal transfer?

All our vehicles can be rented with a driver. For inquiries please contact our information center.

16. Do you make the transfers for people with disabilities?

Yes, you can make a reservation transfers by prior arrangement for the selection of appropriate vehicles.

17. What happens if I forget something in the vehicle?

Please contact our information center and we will find a solution how to deliver your lost item.

18. I lost my luggage at the airport, what should I do?

Your driver will wait and try to help you until the problem is solved. Waiting is not charged extra.

If you did not find the answer to your question, our professional staff will help you in selecting and booking your transfer.
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